Help I Feel!

Emotions.  Seriously…what. is. the. point? Do we really need all of them? Any of them?  This week at Narrate we’re starting a new series called Help, I Feel.  Or maybe it’s better said, HELP!  I FEEL!    We hope to ask questions that provoke growth-minded conversations about emotions, what they mean, why they’re important, and how we effectively manage them.

Literate? - July 12, 2015
Aware? - July 19, 2015
False Prophet? - July 26, 2015
Playing Hurt? - August 16, 2015
Inadequate? - August 23, 2015


One, But Two

Have you ever seen unity candles at a wedding?  Picture the scene.  The bride and groom take individual candles and simultaneously light a third, much larger unity candle.  What happens next?  Do they blow out the individual candles, leaving only the unity candle burning?

Is that your picture of a good marriage?  Is it better to leave all 3 lit?  Is marriage all oneness? Is it all separateness? Is it both?

One, But Separate We’re one, but what does it look like to also have individuality? 

One, But Two, But One  We’re two, but how do we also maintain exclusivity? Listen

Dynamic?!  How do we embrace dynamics in the relationship? Listen


There once was a woman unable to bear children.  Her heart was broken; her future looked bleak. Simultaneously there was a people in need of a leader.  Their current leader was fading; no suitable heir could be found. Enter Samuel, a man whose ancient story offer hints as to how we find - and too easily lose - our purpose.

March 15th: Broken Hearted By Design Are we broken hearted by design? What if there is purpose to your pain?

March 22nd: Purpose Amnesia Once found, why is purpose so easily lost

March 29th: Why Do We Sing? Why do we sing? How is singing and worship connected to purpose?

We Need You To Lead

Where can you see the need for good leadership?  Amongst your classmates?  On your team?  At work?  At home?  Ever find yourself waiting for rescue?

On February 8th we’re kicking-off and brand new series at Narrate called We Need You to Lead.  It’s a series all about realizing nobody may drop in and save us.  Instead, we may be the ones that need to rise up and lead - with or without title or position.  

February 8th: Bullets vs. Silver Bullets What if there is no silver bullet?  

February 15th: Scarcity vs. Abundance What is the difference between scarcity and abundance? How does this understanding aid better leadership?

February 22nd: Busy vs. Productive Ever wonder if leading a hurried life can be damaging? How can we slow down and be present in leadership?

March 1st: Filling the Gaps How do you manage un-communicated,  unmet expectations?

March 8th: Fight Entropy How do you fight entropy as a leader?

Toxic Views

January is the time of year when we set goals and commit to change.  Eliminating credit card debt, losing 25 pounds, going back to school, getting elected the first female president of the United States - all become sincere and worthwhile goals.  But have you ever noticed how hard it is to stick to the plan?  Of course you have, that’s why you long ago ceased to create new year’s resolutions.

What if your ability to change is thwarted by a toxic view of God?  What if the problem isn’t your will power or your sincerity but your basic assumptions about the nature and character of God?

Most of us can probably agree that there there are few things more distasteful than being told by another that your view of God is all wrong and theirs is all right.  But having acknowledged as much, can we also agree that it’s quite possible to adopt inaccurate views of God?  What the right view is important if we’re to experience the fullness of life that God desires for you to experience?

Assuming my view of God is not all right and yours is not all wrong, can we have a conversation?  This week at Narrate we’re beginning a brand new series called Toxic Views.  Our hope is to wonder about our views of God and why they matter.

January 4th : Getting God Wrong

January 11th : Getting Safe Wrong

January 18th : Getting Why Wrong

February 1st : Getting Evangelism Wrong

Crazy Rare          

What’s Crazy Rare but just as valuable when it’s commonplace? The answer: gratitude. Research confirms that people who are grateful and practice gratitude regularly have significantly different levels of happiness than those who don’t. They’re not only happier but they also have more energy and better outlooks on the future; they’re physically healthier, more emotionally stable, less envious and less materialistic. Sounds worth a closer look, don’t you think?

November 23rd : Eat Your Vegetables What is Crazy Rare yet consistently undervalued? How about gratitude?

November 30th : Be, Don’t Compare What is the secret to gratitude in this moment?

December 7th : The Comparison Trap How dangerous is it to compare yourself to others?

Necessary Endings

What if the tomorrow you desire can never come to pass if you don’t end some things today?   What if most endings hurt, but they aren’t all bad?  What if  life requires the ability to embrace Necessary Endings? Research suggests that when applied correctly Necessary Endings eliminate baggage, sharpen focus, and create space for new growth.  

October 12th: Normalize Endings What if we could learn to treat endings as normal?  

October 19th : People Endings Do you believe it’s possible to change people?

October 26th : Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation vs. Trust What tension is created in looking at forgiveness vs. reconciliation vs. trust? How can defining these roles help us in navigating through necessary endings?

November 2nd : Pruning Towards Are you pruning towards a goal?

November 16th : Shadow Missions What happens when shadow missions determine direction?