Forgiveness. Isn’t it one of those topics that sounds a lot easier than it really is? Who doesn’t agree that it represents ideal morality, not to mention a sure sign of emotional health. The problem is, that doesn’t make actually forgiving any easier.

This Sunday at Narrate we’re delving into a conversation about forgiveness entitled "Baggage". We want to explore the history of forgiveness, as in where did the idea come from. We then want to take a long hard look at anger, then contempt. From there we’ll explore blame, what it means to be “unoffendable” and finally we’ll take a long look at some of the best practices of forgiveness. We hope you’ll join us in an honest conversation about what’s quite possibly the tallest order any of us ever receive, the call to forgive. Narrate gathers every Sunday at 8.30am, 10am and 11.30am downtown at Grandstreet Theatre. You can learn more online at or by finding us on Facebook.


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