What if we’re emotional creatures because God is an emotional creature?  What if emotion comes from God and is something we get to learn, from Him, to manage?

This summer we’re going to dig deep into the Art of Emotion.  We want to explore what it means to grow in emotional awareness by reflecting on the implications of being made by an Emotional God.  Because this is such an intense topic with the potential for considerable growth and learning, we’re going to purposely move slow.  Every week we’re going to introduce a question and then leave you with myriad options for further study in the form of questions, podcasts and books.  In many cases we will then move onto lighter topics the following weekend so you have ample space to process and grow.

Emotionally Growing? - May 20th
Emotional God? - June 3rd
A New Question - June 10th
What’s Your Shadow? - July 8th
Centering Prayer - July 29th