How can I connect?  From day one we’ve abided by the principle that says, “If you start with relationship, you’ll never get to serving others but if you start with serving others you’ll get to relationships.”  With that in mind we’ve purposely created an imperfect relational model, namely, come serve with us and in time you will meet the kinds of people you care to get to know on a deeper level.  To be sure, there are many “small groups” and deep friendships around Narrate, but we’ve made a point to allow them to emerge as a result of serving people together.  We see the organization’s role as providing platforms upon which friendships can emerge.

We also value leaving space for people to hide.  Some people visit a Sunday Gathering eager to meet people, others need to hide.  Those that need to hide want to be the last in the door and the first out.  Sometimes people need to exist this way for years before deciding they’re ready to connect.  We value creating space for people to hide because we value creating experiences that allow people to rethink their core beliefs about life and God.  All this means is that when you’re ready to connect, the culture is predicated upon you being an activator.  This means you’ll need to be more invested in your need to form relationships than we are.

So, if you’re ready to connect, we’d love for you to serve with us on Sundays by jumping onto one of our Sunday Teams (Set Up, Band, Hospitality, Kids, Tech, Tear Down) or by Scattering with us.

There are also a few standing options as well as many seasonal classes, which you’ll find listed below.


Easter Egg Hunt on Mt. Helena - April 15th, 2017

Join us on April 15th for our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Mt. Helena! The hunt will begin promptly at 11am at the Mt. Helena Trailhead. This year, we have 2,500 more eggs than last year, bringing our grand total to 17,500 eggs! Kids ages 0-5th grade are welcome to participate. Parking on Mt. Helena trailhead will be limited and is reserved for those with disabilities. We encourage you to park along Reeder’s Village or downtown, and enjoy the walk. Hope to see you there!

There are several ways to get involved. Our egg stuffing will be on March 28th from 6-8pm at 326 Fuller Ave.

On the day of the Egg Hunt, we’ll need set-up and teardown crews, greeters, traffic guides, and section leaders.

If you’d like to get involved, contact Hannah at for more information. Hope to see you there!

Mt. Helena Egg Scramble - April 15th, 2017

Calling all runners! Join us for the first ever Mount Helena Egg Scramble!  We’re going to run the entire circumference of Mount Helena (Ambrose to Road to Mars to Diretissima, to Dump Gulch to Contours).  In its entirety, the run will cover 9 kilometers and 1200 vertical feet.  Proceeds from the race will go to the Cross Country programs at Helena Middle School, C.R. Anderson Middle School, and East Gate Middle School.  Participants in the run will receive a long sleeve Mount Helena Egg Scramble performance tee with their registration.  The race starts at 9.00am and will start and end at the Mount Helena Trailhead. 

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer on race day! To help out and scatter with us, please contact

Hodge Podge Scattering - March 18th, 2017

Scattering is all about going out into our community and serving people in a tangible way. One idea that has formed recently, is the concept of a Hodge Podge. Hodge Podge is a variety of different projects in our community that we then send volunteers out to tackle together on a Saturday morning. These project ideas come from you. Is there someone you know that could use a team to complete a needed project? Is there a struggling or disabled neighbor who needs help? Or a single mom in your life who could benefit from a group doing home repair or yard work?

A Hodge Podge event is all about getting out into the community, serving people where they’re at, in ways they need it the most.

Our next Hodge Podge scattering event is on March 18th, 2017. If you have a project you think Narrate could help with or would like to be involved with serving, please email Hannah at

Narrate Students Ski and Water Weekends 

Ski and Water Weekend is a winter retreat for students! February 4-5 for High School Students and February  18-19 for Middle School Students. The weekend will include skiing at Discovery Ski Area, swimming and lodging at Fairmont Hot Springs as well as plenty of other fun and food in between! We’ll also be starting some conversations on Jesus and his relevance to our everyday lives. We’re looking forward to sharing the weekend with our students!

For more information contact

TEDx Helena - January 28th 2017

TEDxHelena exists to celebrate local leadership and innovation by creating an experience that inspires attendees in their life, leadership and community. We want to showcase world-class culture making by framing discussions with questions. Attendees can expect to hear 20+ presenters share 9 and 18-minute presentations over the course of 7 hours. 

There are a few scattering opportunities available to help with this event with varied hospitality roles, as well as set up and tear down of the event.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact .

Christmas Eve At The Civic Center - December 24th 2016

This Christmas Eve, Narrate Church is hosting two FREE Christmas Eve experiences downtown at the Helena Civic Center. We'd love for you to join us at either 1:30pm or 3:30pm for a 75 minute Christmas experience that'll include 45 minutes of Christmas tunes led by Kate Plummer, David Casey and an excellent band of musicians and singers. We'll also spend 20 minutes exploring the first Christmas, hopefully in a way that provokes new thought about a familiar story.

So whether church is a regular part of your life, or God is and church isn't, or God used to be but you lost interest long ago, we'd love for you to consider joining your friends and family and celebrating with us on December 24th at the Helena Civic Center!

Special Olympics - November 12th 2016

Are you looking for a way to serve in a unique capacity? We've got you covered! On November 12th, Narrate will be serving with Special Olympics of Montana and volunteering in various ways to assist in their State Basketball Competition. For those of you who love watching basketball, we have roles for you to run the scoreboard. For those who like to encourage and cheer on the athletes, handing out awards would be a great fit! Some of the athletes with lower abilities aren't able to participate in a game of basketball; however, Individual Skills allows them to compete in events such as dribbling races, shooting competitions, and passing drills. Volunteers are needed to assist with these competitions and provide the same level of excitement as the games. 

If you're interested, please contact for more information.

Hodge Podge Scattering! - October 29th 2016

Join us on October 29th, for a different kind of scattering event. This month, we are taking a hodgepodge of ideas, born out of real needs discovered via relationships, and tackling them all in one day! For you skilled laborers, we will be building a wheel chair ramp, filling in a pot-hole drive way, and completing minor house repairs. A few people will be helping a professional carpet cleaner perform a facelift on the Grandstreet carpets! And a few more volunteers will be delivering firewood to families in the community. 

If you're aware of a potential opportunity to serve someone you know in a similar capacity, please let us know.  We'd love to explore the idea of adding more projects later in the year.  For more information, contact

Firewood 2.jpg

Wood Splitting - October 1st 2016

For the last few years, we have enjoyed partnering with the City of Helena, splitting and distributing firewood to low income residents in the community.   We love this opportunity because it’s four hours of work that translates to over a months supply of heat to many homes in the Helena area. 

We will meet at the Donaldson Barn 9am - 1pm on Saturday October 1st. The barn is located off Early Bird drive in South Hills, Helena. For more information or to sign up please contact

Weekly Prayer

Join weekly to pray Thursdays from 1:30-2:30pm at 312 Fuller st. Come and learn conversational prayer with Peggy Sorden and Jennee Kemper, praying for the Helena community. Taking time to listen to God, pray Scripture, have times of silence, and pray together in this God-led adventure!

For more information, contact

Financial Peace - Fall 2016

Would you love to be debt free? Bridget and Chris Rebo, are running a new Financial Peace Class and it starts September 20th. The course runs for 9 weeks and gives biblical principles and helpful advice towards effectively managing your finances. Particularly if you are a young couple starting out, this is a fantastic way to access and learn some valuable advice. The class will meet Tuesday 6pm-7.30pm at the Gateway Center (1710 National Ave).

To find out more information or to register please email or call (406) 438 1131. 

Dine & Dunk 2016

We are excited about celebrating baptism at Dine & Dunk Sunday, September 11th, 2016! The baptisms will start at 2pm but feel free to arrive from 1pm and enjoy the lake at Clarks Bay! We have some tasty mains in store, however, if you could please bring a side with you that would be appreciated! By surname : (A-D) Dessert or Vegetarian Side, (E-R) Salad or Side, (S-Z) Drinks. Thanks!

Starting Point - Fall 2016

G'day Everyone! Kate here! Earlier this year, I came across a great class taught by Andy Stanley called Starting Point. It's for people who; are curious about God, have a new relationship with Jesus or are returning to church after being away for a while. This class gives you a unique opportunity to explore faith, see the larger picture and be able to ask questions in a safe, accessible environment.

Gerri & Darrel Stordahl, along with myself are facilitating the class. We currently have 2 spots left. Running downtown, Tuesday nights for 8 weeks starting September 13th, 7pm-8.30pm.  If would like to register or would like more details please email