Narrate Church Series - Cruciform

Why does Jesus' death on the cross matter?  Was God that angry? Is He that violent?

2000 years ago the cross became a very unlikely symbol of a revolutionary movement.  But why? Why have Christ-followers historically found so much value in the cross? In the words of NT Wright, “How was the world changed at 6pm on Good Friday?”

Is it okay if we find ourselves struggling to make sense of Jesus’ violent death?  Do we have permission to push back from the typical Western Christian explanation that goes, “You failed morally.  That earned you separation from God and a life of eternal torment, aka hell. But, if you believe that Jesus was punished in my place, you could have relationship with God now and disembodied heaven when you die.”  

These questions are not, of course, new. We are only the latest in a long line of people who have wrestled with the meaning of the cross down through the years.  In fact, what if we can’t just inherit understanding of the cross from those who have gone before us? What if the cross is too wild, too complicated, too scandalous to be simply passed off?  What if each successive generation must dig in and discern for themselves what happened at 6pm on Good Friday?

All that being said, this Easter I’d like to invite you to embark on what feels to me like a bold, dangerous, but incredibly worthwhile journey with us that we’re calling Cruciform.  

April 1st - Was God That Angry?
April 8th -  Has the Church Always Believed That?
April 15th - Vocation or Vacation?
April 29th - What is Sin?
May 20th - How Cruciformity Saved My Faith