Narrate Church Series - Relationship Charades #1

In most relationships, especially romantic relationships, there’s a game we play.  The games goes like this.  
I have expectations that I’m mostly unaware of but expect you to fulfill.  
When you fulfill them, we win.  
When you don’t, you lose.  

You might call this game Relationship Charades.

Game on?

What happens when we slow down and identify the expectations we carry into marriage?  Second, what if we learn to exchange our expectations for desires?  Still up for a new challenge?   What if then trust that one of the secrets to marriage is learning to put the desires of our spouse above our own?  Last one, what if we rounded this out by learning to talk directly with God about our desires?

If you’re tired of playing Relationship Charades, we’d love for you to join us for a 3-week conversation that’s sure to challenge some old dynamics and encourage some new.