Narrate Church Series - Withwards

What if our lives are directly connected to those who are with us, for better and for worse?  

What if the quality of our lives are determined by the quality of our relationships?

What if we’re all going “withwards”, it’s just a matter of who with and where we’re headed?

Conversations about relationships can be tricky.  If we’re not careful such conversations become prescriptive and narrow.  They can lead toward forced and artificial answers to authentic needs not easily forced.  Withwards isn’t about forcing relationships or brokering friendships; it is about an honest exploration about the power and importance of genuine friendships.  

With that in mind, this Sunday we’re launching a new four week conversation called Withwards. Coming out of a long, cold winter seems the perfect time to explore the power of relationships.  We want to explore what happens when we’re well connected, and what happens when we’re not.  We also want to suggest some tangible ideas for forming new friendships and strengthening existing ones.