Narrate Church Series - Give & Take #5

What if the world is filled with givers, takers and matchers?

Givers want "win/win".
Takers want “I win”.
Matchers want “tit for tat” - nothing more, nothing less.

Which are you?  What changes if you learn to function more like a giver?  

At work?  
Within your friendships?  
For your community?  
In your marriage?
With your kids?
Between you and God?

Give & Take is a conversation about the ways we approach life, and what’s at stake.  It’s predicated on research suggesting everyone has a reciprocal style and that everyday each of us encounter opportunities to choose whether to be a giver, taker or matcher.

Intrigued?  We’d love for you to join us starting Sunday January 8th, downtown at Grandstreet Theatre at 830, 10 or 1130am at Narrate Church.  You can learn more about Narrate and our new upcoming conversation by visiting narrate or by find us on Facebook.