Narrate Church Series - Focused? #1

What does it look like to focus in a culture that seems to be doing all it can to keep us from doing so?  We sit down to work on a problem or formulate an idea, only to find ourselves answering email.  We go to dinner with a friend and spend the majority of the time tending to texts and social media pings.  And then there’s our kids!  How do we help them navigate a world deeply influenced by constant connection and novel internet stimulation?  How is it impacting the way they think?  What’s it doing to all of our ability to relate?

I think we all have a sense that the internet in general and our smartphones in particular have dramatically changed our lives.  But have we stopped to consider how? 

What if there’s a tremendous advantage to be found in engaging technology differently?  In getting intentional by creating well researched boundaries.  What if those with healthy iPhone boundaries are certain to gain an advantage in creativity, productivity and connection?

This is a series about how the internet and its myriad devices impact our ability to think and relate to others.  It endeavors to delve into our need to create boundaries for iPhones, the internet and the vast array of web tools.  We’d love for you to join us...

Sine Quo Non - September 18, 2016
To Think, or Not to Think - September 25, 2016
Reclaiming Boredom & Free Time - October 2, 2016
Reclaiming Conversation - October 9, 2016