Narrate Church Series - Kingdom


There is a tension between how the world is and how we want it to be. Look to any news source for even a moment and this thought reconfirms itself as a reality. More personally, individuals can look at their own lives and find a relationship, a decision, an occupation, a long-term habit, or a decisive moment as a situation in which circumstances aren’t what are hoped for. For many, the path to getting better is to eradicate that personal stumbling block, to reach a decisive moment when the relational conflict is resolved, to find the spouse, have the children, not be sick any longer, or get the dream job. The list of solutions is near endless and each item involves an “over the mountain” or “next step” component. 

Jesus entered a culture paining for change, a people oppressed and in need of justice, a society wrecked with inequality, and individuals who knew the dynamics of suffering and patience at the depths of their hearts. Jesus, being a candidate for change, spoke of a Kingdom. Yet, this Kingdom was not over some mystical barrier and often did not include easily observable change. This Kingdom was available now and was to be realized as within you. So, it begs the questions:

Did Jesus let these people down? Does God still do this today? Is God even worthy of trust? Even if certain parts of life aren’t perfect, is hope and peace still accessible? If so, how?