Narrate Church Series - I've Got Questions

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between faith and science?  What does Evolutionary Theory say about the Bible’s reliability?

How about history?  What’s the relationship between modern history and the Bible?  Is the Bible only valuable to the degree it’s historically accurate?  Is it possible we moderns think differently about history than the ancients?

And what about doubt?   Are we safe to assume that people of faith have no questions?  What’s the place of doubt in the life of faith?  

Some would say that when faith and science collide, faith gets the last word.  Others hold that when biology and the Bible disagree, biology holds the trump card.  And still, others say that faith and science are speaking seemingly separate languages, that their role is complementary, not antagonistic.

What are we to do with the implied tension between faith and science?  Prevailing wisdom suggests we’ve got to do something because the number one reason students, in particular, are leaving the faith is the debate over human origins.

This week at Narrate we’re starting a brand new conversation called I’ve Got Questions.  We want to jump headfirst into this conversation and see what ancient and contemporary thinkers are saying about the supposed conflict between faith and science.  We want to have the kind of faith that isn’t afraid of the big questions and at the same time the kind of life that isn’t afraid of the work that comes with asking them.  

If you’re intrigued we’d we’d love for you to join us for a brand new series called I’ve Got Questions.  Narrate Church gathers every Sunday, downtown at Grandstreet Theatre at 830, 10 or 1130am.  You can learn more about Narrate and our new upcoming conversation by visiting or by finding us on Facebook.

Narrate Church Series - Withwards

What if our lives are directly connected to those who are with us, for better and for worse?  

What if the quality of our lives are determined by the quality of our relationships?

What if we’re all going “withwards”, it’s just a matter of who with and where we’re headed?

Conversations about relationships can be tricky.  If we’re not careful such conversations become prescriptive and narrow.  They can lead toward forced and artificial answers to authentic needs not easily forced.  Withwards isn’t about forcing relationships or brokering friendships; it is about an honest exploration about the power and importance of genuine friendships.  

With that in mind, this Sunday we’re launching a new four week conversation called Withwards. Coming out of a long, cold winter seems the perfect time to explore the power of relationships.  We want to explore what happens when we’re well connected, and what happens when we’re not.  We also want to suggest some tangible ideas for forming new friendships and strengthening existing ones.

Narrate Church Series - Give & Take #5

What if the world is filled with givers, takers and matchers?

Givers want "win/win".
Takers want “I win”.
Matchers want “tit for tat” - nothing more, nothing less.

Which are you?  What changes if you learn to function more like a giver?  

At work?  
Within your friendships?  
For your community?  
In your marriage?
With your kids?
Between you and God?

Give & Take is a conversation about the ways we approach life, and what’s at stake.  It’s predicated on research suggesting everyone has a reciprocal style and that everyday each of us encounter opportunities to choose whether to be a giver, taker or matcher.

Intrigued?  We’d love for you to join us starting Sunday January 8th, downtown at Grandstreet Theatre at 830, 10 or 1130am at Narrate Church.  You can learn more about Narrate and our new upcoming conversation by visiting narrate or by find us on Facebook.